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Spreetail’s Content Operations team builds high-quality product content that speaks to the customer and the algorithm. It works hard for your brand, consistently delivering both exposure and conversion on every marketplace. Spreetail’s Creative team builds beautiful and effective digital packaging and optimizes product placement on the virtual shelves of top marketplaces.

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The Digital Details that Matter

We’ll build you the best, richest, most compelling listings on the planet—and keep them optimized with the right keywords to drive conversion. We keep you updated across all marketplaces; when channels make changes, we respond instantly.

Building better listings

Behind the Scenes

sku info spreadsheet
Item Information Gathering

Item Operation Specialists gather details about your brand’s new part numbers.

Professional Copywriting

Product Copy Specialists create the listing, including titles, descriptions, bullets, and more. We incorporate keywords that users search for, helping your products rank well in marketplace search results.

product listing bullet points
product page on amazon
Grade A Images

The Product Imaging Team creates grade A images aligned with both brand and Spreetail standards. These images deliver both practical and emotional connections for customers.


Enrichment Specialists work to optimize item categories and attributes for each marketplace. These practices help customers find your products on the right virtual shelf.

optimized item categories and attributes for each marketplace

Enhance Your Brand, Earn Lifelong Fans

Spreetail’s Design Studio produces brilliant photography, video, design, and copy for select partner brands. Our Creative Services team takes these powerful assets, or your own, and forms them into enhanced content (A+ content on Amazon) that showcases your brand and captivates your audience.  

Design Studio assets integrate lifestyle and product content into videos, graphic design, enhanced images, comparison charts, illustrations, and so much more. Design Studio service elevates your brand’s value proposition, turning a quick buy into a memorable purchase experience that keeps customers coming back.  

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We know ecommerce – with that, we know how important building a great digital customer experience is for your products and brands. And we do it better than anyone else across 15+ marketplaces. Your brand – in one voice – for wherever your customers shop online.
– Heidi Hough, VP, Retail Operations
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