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4 Ecommerce Tips for a Successful Holiday Season

September 28, 2021
September 28, 2021

4 Ecommerce Tips for a Successful Holiday Season

Aimee Pruett

It is most ecommerce brands’ favorite time of the year, the holiday season. Q4 is typically a time for increased sales as shoppers buy gifts for others (and themselves!)  

The holiday season can be a slightly stressful time too. Will your brand get as many sales as you’re projecting? Will you be able to handle the volume of sales and fulfillment needs? Will your products get to your customers in time?

There are four key factors to keep in mind when prepping your brand for the holiday season ahead.

Perform a Quick Ecommerce Audit

It's important to perform a quick checkup of your site and marketplace listings to verify that they are up to date and ready for the busy holiday season. For any specific products you’re promoting, take extra care to check that the product descriptions and titles are optimized for searchability and customer experience.

If you’re selling on your own site, walk through your checkout process to determine that user flow is clear and running with no technical errors. Also double-check that any coupon codes are working properly.

If you’re selling on marketplaces, make sure your products are easily found and your listings showcase all valuable product information.

Have Your Promotion Strategy Mapped Out

Understand exactly what your promotional strategy is for the holiday season. If you’re selling on your own ecommerce site, that may mean that you’re putting money into Google Ads, Facebook Ads, and Instagram Ads. If you’re selling on marketplaces, that may mean you're investing in marketplace-specific advertising.

Are you planning on decreasing prices for Black Friday or Cyber Monday? Try using a calendar to help strategize a channel mix, when to run sales, and where to run promoted products.

If you’re running email campaigns, have your campaign messaging and strategy mapped out well ahead of time. While you will want to notify customers of sales, you need to balance that with how often you are emailing your audience as to not increase your unsubscribe rate.

Carefully Track Stock Status

Remember those sales and product discounts we were talking about? Hopefully they hit the right note with your audience so products fly off your virtual “shelves.” However, if you sell across multiple channels, make sure you’re keeping track of inventory levels, syncing them up with product availability so you can fulfill all orders.  

This will mean successful delivery of products and happy customers.

Take Note of Key Delivery/Shipping Dates

When planning for the holidays, know your key shipping dates. Many carriers like UPS and FedEx have Christmas fulfillment deadlines. Those dates will vary if a customer has chosen 2 day shipping versus ground shipping. Know your fulfillment deadlines to ensure your products arrive to your customers on time.

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Aimee Pruett

Sr. Marketing Manager

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