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Marketplace Listings Deserve Customer Experience Obsession

March 27, 2024

Since the dawn of retail, merchants have been finding clever ways to get customers in the door, to stay a little longer, and buy a little more. The shop counters of the Roman Forum, Ostia, and Pompeii were often “clad in marble or decorated with colorful painted plaster with the most eye-catching and exotic designs appearing on the exterior vertical faces in order to entice potential customers passing in the street.”

Modern brick-and-mortar retailers have turned customer phycology into an entire industry.

  • 🌭 Costco’s version of a marble clad exterior is their famous loss leader, the $1.50 hotdog. 🌭
  • 🌡️Walmart keeps every store at a perfect 78 degrees Fahrenheit from a centralized control center. (the optimal temperature for increased consumer purchasing) 🌡️
  • 🌲🍊“Ambient scents” are even used to nudge customers to convert. Researchers have found that citrus and pine scents influence shoppers to spend 20% more than people who shop in unscented areas. 🌲🍊

So if the future of retail is ecommerce, what is the future of customer phycology?

User/Customer experience.

Just like in the physical retail, creating a pleasant shopping experience brings customers in and keeps them coming back. “Fifty percent of consumers surveyed said that they consider how easy the checkout process is when selecting a digital merchant, and 40% said the same of how easy to navigate the merchant’s online store is.” Retailers understand this and invest a ton of resources into improving buy seconds or percentage points.

For instance...

User/customer experience gets a ton of attention from brands on their DTC sites and retailers on their platforms, but for many brands selling on marketplaces, this is an afterthought.

Over 60% of US  online shoppers start their product search on Amazon. Your marketplace listings are a HUGE part of your customer experience, so why not dedicate a similar level of obsession?

Spreetail John Boos Amazon Listing

By focusing on titles, product and lifestyle photos, infographics, bullet points, product description, social reinforcement through reviews, and delivery promises, you are crafting a customer experience that builds loyalty and converts.

TJ Marchesani

B2B Creative Marketing Manager

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