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New to Nebraska: Relocating for the Right Role

October 1, 2020
October 1, 2020

New to Nebraska: Relocating for the Right Role

Anna Lee Hedderman

I moved to Nebraska three years ago to pursue my master’s degree at the University of Nebraska-Lincoln. To be honest, my goal at the time was to finish my degree then move back to my home state of Illinois. What kept me here might have been influenced by the magnetic energy every Nebraskan feels on a Husker Saturday in the fall, but ultimately, I stayed because of the career opportunities that Nebraska had to offer.  

I still remember the first time I searched for a job towards the end of my program. I remember thinking, I’m not ready to leave Nebraska and then surprised with the amount of opportunities I had found. I knew Nebraska would be a place where I could develop and grow in my career.  

Now for the fun stuff on why I stayed - Nebraska has so much to offer! Whether you’re someone who likes to be outside and hit the bike trails, visit the iconic Henry Doorly Zoo, or explore the nightlife and restaurants - Nebraska has it all.  

Last month I joined the Talent Community team at Spreetail as a Recruiter, partnering with Supply Chain to help hire awesome talent. I’m excited to share my experience relocating to Nebraska with candidates who are ready to make a move for their career. The global pandemic has caused many people to evaluate their geography, and I’m thrilled to see Omaha and Lincoln made the list of Best US Cities to Live In After Coronavirus. Spreetail has relocated top talent throughout the pandemic, and will continue to support those who are eager to join the team during this time.  

I spent time learning from new Spreetailers who are new to Nebraska in hopes I can help all of you considering a new opportunity. Meet the team members who moved to Lincoln or Omaha, Nebraska:

Scott's dogs Sansa and Olivia
Johanna Ross

Role: Marketplace Content Manager

Relocated from: Chicago, Illinois

Moved with: 20-month-old son and two cats

Scott Dustin

Role: Sr. Vendor Manager

Relocated from: Portsmouth, New Hampshire

Moved with: two dogs  

Tyler Shafer

Role: Accounting Manager

Relocated from: Denver, Colorado

Moved with: wife and dog

Adrien Griffin

Role: Sr. Category Manager

Relocated from: Eden Prairie, Minnesota

Moved with: wife and two kids

What are you most excited about when it comes to living in Nebraska?

I've lived in 4 states now and mostly all in big cities. I grew up on the west coast in Southern California and most recently lived in Chicago. Now that I have a family, I am looking forward to living in Nebraska. There is a better quality of life here, cost of living is more affordable, and there is so much more to do outdoors with kids! - Johanna  
I'm in awe at how genuinely friendly people are compared to New England.  Having strangers approach you and strike up a conversation is just not the norm back home. People are not nearly as approachable. - Scott  
As someone who grew up in Nebraska and went to college in Lincoln, I am excited to be closer to friends and family. I have spent the last decade plus living in multiple states and I know the people here are special. - Tyler  
For us, Omaha offers the right balance of city life (restaurants, entertainment, social activities, etc.) but with the safety and sense of community of a small town. - Adrien

What has been your favorite thing you’ve done in Nebraska so far?

The farmers market in the Haymarket! - Johanna  
Dog parks. Dog parks. Dog parks. It seems like you either need to own a dog, get a dog, or be somehow associated with dogs to live in Lincoln.   - Scott  
My kids absolutely love the Zoo! - Adrien

Sunrise at Roper Dog Run in Lincoln, Nebraska

What have you not done yet, but you have on your bucket list to do in Nebraska?

Tailgate. I hear it is a big deal here and I've never done it! - Johanna  
Because of COVID -- we haven't had a chance to checkout any of the museums in Omaha yet. That will be first on our list post-COVID. - Adrien

What surprised you the most about Nebraska?

Everyone says there is "traffic", but I have yet to see any real traffic here. - Johanna  
I have been surprised by how friendly and open everyone in Nebraska has been so far. Even during COVID -- we have found opportunities to meet neighbors and start feeling like a part of the community. - Adrien

What does a normal weekend for you or your family look like?

Spending time outdoors at the park or on the trails. - Johanna  
I'm in the transitional stage, so I'm still getting everything situated at home and acclimating to my surroundings. I've dedicated my free time towards looking for places to shop, eat and do basic day to day activities. Where do I get an oil change, a Dr., Optometrist, Veterinarian, etc.? - Scott  
Both me and my wife work full time jobs, working approximately 50 hours a week.  We are extremely busy. So, when we are not working, we enjoy being outside as much as possible.  On weekends we like to get out and hang out by water (pool, lakes, etc.) or get out on hikes. - Tyler  
We try to have at least one activity planned each weekend -- we've gone to the Omaha Henry Doorly Zoo (several times already), visited the local state parks, gone camping, taken the kids swimming, watched hot air balloons, visited a petting zoo, gone to the farmers market, etc. -- There is always something to do on the weekends. (Even when our criteria right now is that those activities must be outdoors and not be too crowded.) - Adrien

Omaha's Henry Doorly Zoo and Aquarium

How has Spreetail supported you during the move?

Everyone has been amazing checking in on me before my start date to see if I needed any help! - Johanna  
My move was lightning fast considering it was a transition from the East Coast to the Midwest. I was here in 7 days. So, moral support and the offer of help when possible was greatly appreciated. - Scott  
My boss and my team have been great. Very accommodating with the challenges and stresses with moving and starting a new career.  - Tyler  
Everyone at Spreetail has been incredibly helpful. I was in contact with the Spreetail team during the entire move and onboarding process (and I received more restaurant recommendations in my first week than I could possibly visit in a year). - Adrien

One of Spreetail's perks is providing moving boxes for team members.

What was the deciding factor in you joining Spreetail?

The people and the culture!!! - Johanna  
The culture. The people I met during the process. The industry in this chaotic world we are living in now.  Spreetail seems passionate and enthusiastic about the future. It's refreshing. Spreetail is at a pivotal moment in the retail industry and changing consumer behaviors. - Scott  
There were two main factors that led to my decision.  
1. The chance to help build something special. Having worked for a corporate company with a long history, the chance to establish new processes and feel like I am helping a company get past the start-up phase and create scalable systems is very interesting to me.  
2. I am very interested in the space that Spreetail operates in. Ecommerce is the way of the future and Spreetail is establishing itself as a player in that space for the long term. - Tyler  
The business model, the culture, and the leadership team. - Adrien
Adrien volunteering with Spreetailers for Visionary Youth’s back to school event.


If you are thinking the timing is right for you to make a move, but don’t know where to start – Adrien suggests starting with research:

“Before committing to the move - I spent a lot of time learning about the company, the culture and the business model. From what I had learned -- I was excited to join the team. Since joining -- I can say that my experience has exceeded expectations. If you are looking to build a career in ecommerce, you can't say you have true ecommerce experience until you've worked at a company like Spreetail.” - Adrien

You can learn more about our company by visiting www.wearespreetail.com, dive into our culture by following @wearespreetail on social, and view our open jobs here.

Anna Lee Hedderman


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