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3 Tips for a Strong Ecommerce Brand

February 16, 2022
February 16, 2022

3 Tips for a Strong Ecommerce Brand

Aimee Pruett

Gone are the days when ecommerce lived in a silo. In the early 2000s, brands may not have had to worry about having a strong ecommerce brand presence, but these days it is integral to success. While it seems intuitive, some brands still miss the mark. Here are three ways to make sure your brand shines in the ecommerce space.

Know your Brand

First of all, understand your brand. This means to know all aspects of your brand and what you stand for. Are you a fun, playful brand? Are you known for your high-quality products? Do your products appeal to a particular audience? Ask yourself these questions, and begin to identify what your brand focus is.

  • Who is our target audience? Who do we want to buy our products?
  • What do we want to be known for? High-quality? Fun? Easy to use? Low price?  
  • Who are our competitors and how are we different?
  • What is our brand voice? How do we talk about our brand?

Consistency Across Channels

When selling across multiple channels it's important to portray a consistent brand presence. For example, if you sell on your own ecommerce website, Amazon, eBay, and Target, ensure that customers can easily recognize your brand. Be consistent with your logo, colors, and your brand voice.  

Note that each marketplace or channel will allow you to present your brand in different ways. Some will allow you to create an entire brand page, while others will allow you to showcase your brand through product descriptions and titles. Research and take advantage of ways to solidify your brand presence on each channel. If you haven’t started selling on marketplaces quite yet, read about 5 reasons to sell on marketplaces.

Clarity is Key

For a strong brand, be clear. This means being clear with what customers can expect from an interaction with your brand. Clearly state your shipping policy and times, return policy, customer service hours, and any other expectations.  

And then, do what you said you would do.  If you say you ship products in two days, then ship your products in two days (or sooner)! If your return policy states that you pay for return shipping, don’t give your customers any reason to doubt that. Follow through is integral for a strong brand and happy customers.

Looking for help showcasing your brand through content across channels? Want to be on more marketplaces and offer your customers next-day shipping and exceptional customer service? Explore a partnership with Spreetail today.

Aimee Pruett

Sr. Marketing Manager

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