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A Message from Global CEO, Brett Thome

October 27, 2022

Today we are updating our organizational structure to align with our Brand Partners’ evolving long-term needs. This decision will directly impact many Spreetailers, as we need to reduce the size of our current team to ensure we are well positioned for future years. This announcement and these changes support the company updates we have shared throughout the year about how we must continue to evolve, in a post pandemic world, so we are best positioned for 2023 and beyond.

We express our deepest thanks to every team member for their contributions to Spreetail. Thank you for not only the efforts and impact you have made to help accelerate the growth of our own brand, our Channel Partners and our Brand Partners, but thank you also for the profound impact you have made on fellow Spreetailers.

Our company was built on the premise of achieving big plans through meaningful relationships, and it’s evident in both good and difficult times, this remains true. For some team members, today is their last day at Spreetail. We are better for the contribution they made, the feedback they provided, and the relationships they built with all of us.

The changes we’re making today focus on reviving ownership and clarity with how we partner with the Brands who are fundamental to our business. We are investing in growing those brands, removing redundancies in our levels of management, and returning to a flatter organizational structure.

The decisions we make are focused on the needs of our Brand Partners for tomorrow. By developing the ecommerce acceleration capabilities that our Brand Partners will need 5, 10, or 20 years from now, we ensure their success, their dominance, and their partnership with us amidst a hyper competitive and ever-changing ecommerce landscape.

Our ability to accelerate brands and channels is our focus and we will continue to evolve to be the best partner we can be – growing the impact for our Brand Partners and for the communities in which our Spreetailers live and work.

Thank you,


Brett Thome


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