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Accelerating Ecommerce Sales

Listing your products on a marketplace has never been easier. But selling your products on a marketplace has never been harder. Competition has intensified, ad cost has increased, privacy has presented new roadblocks, and consumer behavior is constantly shifting. Spreetail’s Brand Marketing and Advertising teams expertly monitor and adjust to these market trends, with one constant focus – to accelerate your brand’s sales.

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Our advertising tactics are strategically built, creating a full-funnel approach that targets customers throughout their buying journey. We’ll win you more sales, and we’ll do it without management fees.
Capture & Convert

We identify search-based purchase intent, capture it, and turn it into conversion. We activate Sponsored Ads and Promoted Listings to get your products in front of the right customer at the right time – on the right channel. Our advertising strategy will be customized for your brand and budget, with an underlying intent to maximize Return on Ad Spend (ROAS) and shut out your competition.


Our retargeting tactics create a conversation and engagement loop which drives user action. From the first touch to re-engagement, our approach has been proven to make users 127% more likely to engage and 33% more likely to purchase.

Capturing Customers Across Channels

We’ll launch, optimize, and share insights for advertising campaigns across top marketplaces.
Amazon Sponsored Product, Brand, and Display Ads
Walmart Sponsored and Product Display Ads
eBay Promoted Listings
+ campaigns on Target, Wayfair, The Home Depot, and more

Success Story

Parked with Prime Placement

Targeted ad campaigns and Sponsored Ads brought in new customers, and new sales for Parkit360. Strong ad conversion contributed to a remarkably low, 1.5% Ad Cost of Sales (vs. 10% goal), while elevating the products within the top 1% of the Automotive category on Amazon.

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Spreetail & Bazaarvoice

Customers trust one another’s voices far more than the brands behind the products. To tap into this, Spreetail forged a deep partnership with Bazaarvoice to leverage authentic customer voices. Our reviews strategy embraces the full breadth of customer feedback, powering both conversion and loyalty.
How does it work?
2. Spreetail works with your brand to send free samples.
1. We engage Bazaarvoice’s curated community for authentic product reviews.
3. On average, 90% of advocates will leave a review from the sample.
4. The generated reviews can be syndicated to all retailers Bazaarvoice connects to.
5. The reviews bolster your product search engine results, boost ranking, and increase sales.

Partnership Results

Average star rating

on reviews generated through sampling

Higher conversion

in ad campaigns on items in sampling program vs. not

Increased total GMV

after reviews go live

Increased BV channel* GMV

after reviews go live

*BV Channels considered for this measure are Walmart, Target, The Home Depot, Lowe’s, Wayfair, Kroger, Best Buy, Kohl’s, Sears, and Macy’s

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