Brand Overview

Parkit360 manufactures battery-powered trailer dollies that make moving any trailer an efficient process. The dollies are lightweight and significantly increase maneuverability in tight spaces. Parkit360 has been incorporated since 2009 and is based in Ontario, CA.


Parkit360 manufactures best-in-class products but lacked some fulfillment capabilities before partnering with Spreetail. The brand was primarily focused on their website sales. Spreetail had an opportunity to revamp their Amazon business and expand onto more sales channels, partner on logistics, and implement an ad strategy to grow sales.

Spreetail’s Solution


Automotive Category

Amazon Sales Rank

Spreetail and Parkit360 improved the brand’s Amazon sales rank to #43,020 within the Automotive category (previously #666,885). As of November 2021, they are #7 in the Trailer Dollies category and #612 in Trailer Accessories.

Each product on Amazon has a unique rank within its category. The number shows how well a product is selling compared to other products within that category. The lower the number, the better the product is performing.

2021 Advertising Performance

Advertisement Icon
Advertising campaigns brought in 64% of total sales.
Full year Advertising Cost of Sales (ACoS) was well below the 10% benchmark, at 1.7%.
Drove awareness on eBay and captured sales at a 6% ACoS.
Successful Amazon ad campaigns brought in new customers for Parkit360.
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