Where We Started

The Boost Oxygen and Spreetail relationship started over 6 years ago when past fulfillment partners had failed to follow federal shipping regulations for oxygen, putting Boost’s brand at risk.

Boost Oxygen Pain Points:
  • Expanding into New Marketplaces
  • Content Management
  • Following Federal Regulations - Cannot be shipped by air

Our Proposal

Over the years, Spreetail has worked hard to “play by the rules” by following regulations and closely working with Boost to guarantee safety and efficiency of shipping. By taking on fulfillment, Spreetail made it easier for Boost to expand their marketplace reach (beyond Amazon and into Amazon Prime) and increase accessibility for online customers. Through content, listing, and marketplace management, Spreetail created informative educational pieces that allowed Boost to gain further exposure.

"Spreetail has been such a great partner through their online marketplaces, Amazon, Walmart and others. We are now able to get our product in the hands of those who need it immediately. Without Spreetail, we can’t do that.”

- Mike Grice, Boost Oxygen COO
  • Warehousing inventory around the country
  • Safe and efficient ground shipping direct to the customer
  • Providing Amazon Prime eligibility
  • Expand into marketplaces outside of Amazon including Walmart, Dick’s Sporting Goods, and more.
Brand Overview
  • Starting in 2007, Boost Oxygen CEO and co-founder, Rob Neuner, went from beer imports and exports to selling recreational and supplemental oxygen after a fateful skiing venture in the Czech Republic. Boost uses the same type of oxygen found in aircraft to achieve perfect humidity and 95% concentration. They appeared on season 11 of Shark Tank and walked away with a $1 million deal with Kevin o’Leary.

  • Spreetail Partner Since
  • Location
  • Products
    • Aluminum containers of breathable oxygen
  • Areas of Focus
    • Amazon Prime
    • Marketplace Expansion
    • Shipping & Fulfillment
    • Marketing


During the 2020 Covid-19 pandemic, Boost received an influx of sales that resulted in them selling out of three months' worth of product in just three days. Looking back, it took over a year (15 months) before all products were able to stay consistently stocked. And during these crazy times, Spreetail was right by their side. This business relationship allowed the limited stock to be prioritized and available to major online retailers, providing necessary products to customers.


increase COGS $ growth during 2021 Pandemic


increase in COGS $ Compound Annual Growth Rate

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