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Since established in 1986, Hape has become a world-leading brand in the design and manufacture of high-quality baby and children's toys made from sustainable materials. Their range features over 20categories - providing a kaleidoscope of choices for free play and learning. Hape toys are sold in over100 countries and regions worldwide.


Hape and Spreetail have been partners since 2017. Before partnering with Spreetail, Hape sold products on Amazon, eBay, and Walmart. There was an opportunity to expand the brand’s marketplace distribution and increase sales on non-Amazon marketplaces.

Spreetail’s Solution
  • Spreetail and Hape established weekly calls to build trust and understand their total ecommerce strategy.
  • Spreetail started by purchasing the brand’s in-line domestic products and increasing buys to achieve betterdistribution over multiple marketplaces. In 2019, Spreetail began import business with Hape.
  • Several SKUs showed significant growth on Target after launching the channel in 2019. Based on that data,Spreetail focused on building up business on Target through marketing support and product exclusives.
  • Spreetail shared 30-day demand forecasts to prepare for order volume and optimize fill rates.
  • Spreetail enhanced Hape’s channel presence by running content audits, updating listing attributes, uploading video content, implementing review syndication (Walmart), and applying other channel-specific tactics to improve item listing health.
  • Spreetail continued to launch the brand on new channels, including Wayfair, Macy’s, and Home Depot.


  • The launch of new marketplaces, including Walmart, Target, and eBay, helped Parkit360 reach new customers.
  • All products’ average Amazon sales rank significantly improved, ranking within the top 1% of products in the Automotive category. This increased visibility helped drive sales momentum on the channel.
  • Parkit360 asked Spreetail to exclusively carry their discontinued inventory, allowing the brand to focus on their core products on owned channels.
  • The Co-op ad campaign ran for 60-days at an Ad Cost of Sales (ACoS) of 1.5%, compared to a 10% benchmark goal. Spreetail also secured future Co-op opportunities to drive sales through the off-season.

Marketplace Distribution

Spreetail launched Hape on Target in 2019. Hape’s products aligned well with Target’s typical shopper – a mother between 35 and 44 years old1. Spreetail capitalized on the opportunity to grow the channel. In 2020, sales on Target accounted for 49% of Gross Merchandising Value (GMV) while other marketplaces also experienced growth (Amazon up 72% from 2019 to 2020).

1. “Target Numerator Retailer Snapshot.” Numerator (2020).

“Spreetail has been a very reliable partner, helping the Hape brand reach customers across multiple online channels. Success comes not just from having great products but also having great distributors such as Spreetail working with us along the way.”

- Jing Zhao, Online Business Manager; Hape International

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