Brand Overview

Rev-A-Shelf was established in 1984. Their product line began as metal and polymer Lazy Susan components built for the largest U.S. cabinet manufacturers. Since then, Rev-A-Shelf has grown to be the market-leading innovator of quality, functional residential cabinet storage and organizational products with a worldwide presence from the US to Europe, Asia, and Mexico.


Rev-A-Shelf was operating a thriving, multi-million dollar 1P partnership with Amazon when they met Spreetail in February 2019. Although successful, the company was experiencing common pains of the 1P relationship including a lack of pricing control, inconsistent buying patterns and OOS issues, and no direct contact to call about any of it. Further, the FBA model would not work for many of Rev-A-Shelf’s products due to their large, bulky size. Spreetail’s business model appealed to Rev-A-Shelf, presenting an opportunity to gain more control on Amazon – while keeping Prime status – and expand to multiple additional ecommerce retail channels.

Spreetail’s Solution
Channel Distribution
“Ecommerce is not going away. You can partner with a 3PL company to help with your logistics and/or partner with an ecommerce company that helps manage your sales channels, but why not get one who does both?

Top to bottom Spreetail has the entire package and continues to reinvest in their platforms and their workforce. As a manufacturer ourselves, this allows us to concentrate on creating the necessary digital content, development, and innovation of new products and to have a more comprehensive strategy in working with Spreetail. We are a 40-year-old company and walked away from multi-millions in 1P business to move to Spreetail’s platform and haven’t looked back.”

Steve Jones
VP of Consumer Sales; Rev-A-Shelf LLC

Target Keyword Growth: Amazon

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Search Team
Pull out cabinet organizer
Cabinet pull out shelves
Pull out drawers for kitchen cabinets
Search Volume = Total number of searches entered on Amazon for this niche
Click Share = Percentage of customer clicks within the niche
Search Conversion Rate = Number of purchases of products within niche
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