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Brand Overview

TRC Recreation, LP is head quartered in Wichita Falls,TX. The company was founded in 1957 and manufactures all of their products in Texas, USA.Today, TRC Recreation, LP continues to be a leading innovator of exceptional water and outdoor recreational products that last and provide years of enjoyment, safety, and fun.


TRC Recreation and Spreetail have been partners since 2018.  The company was a strong B2B provider before joining forces with Spreetail. The new partnership provided an opportunity to expand their ecommerce presence, generating new B2C sales through improved marketplace distribution, managed inventory levels, and targeted advertising.

Spreetail’s Solution


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Cumulative GMV Growth since Partnership Launch
Spreetail and TRC Recreation have partnered to grow 807% 800% 803% sales of current and new products, over the lifespan of the relationship.

Cumulative GMV Growth
= compound growth rate. For example, if we sold a total $100 of TRC products in 2018,t hat grew to $187 in 2019, $463 in 2020 and $803 in 2021.

GMV = Gross Merchandising Value of all items sold bySpreetail.
TRC growth chart
“TRC has benefited greatly from the enhanced content, distribution capabilities and buying power of Spreetail.

Spreetail has helped us take our online presence to another level. With Spreetail’s partnership, we have been able to continue to grow our online business through several marketplaces and strengthen our brand identity. We love working with Spreetail!”

Chris Holland
Vice President of Sales and Marketing, TRC Recreation

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