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A Guide to Intex Swimming Pools

Find the Perfect Intex Pool for Your Space

by Miranda Huston 
May 3, 2019

When the sun shines down on aperfectly even surfaceof your backyard, you know it’s time to add a glistening addition to the space. But even ifyou found the ideal section of backyardto install a pool, you still might not know what type will work for you and your family. We love Intex pools, and this guide is here to take you through 4 of our favorite models. This guide will give you the knowledge and information you need to fill your summer with countless hours of fun.  

Easy Set 

Simple to install and quick to fill, the IntexEasy Set Pool is a fantastic option for first time pool owners. Ranging in size from 6-18 feet, the round pool will fit inside a variety of backyards with ease. Don’t be afraid to invite friends over for a pool party right after purchase, because theseabove-ground poolswill fill with water in 30 minutes or less. All models are constructed using a thick 3-ply material, so punctures will have no place in your swimming space. Safe for kiddos 6 years and older, the Intex Easy Set is a blast for little ones.  

Metal Frame  

Sturdy is the name of the game when talking about Intex Metal Frame Pools.  Each pool is installed using powder-coated, rust-resistant legs. The legskeep the tough, laminated walls strong all season long. To make set up even easier, the pool will fill with water in 60 minutes or less. And you’ll love the built-in safety feature that shuts off your pool pump if a wire or electrical current suddenly comes into contact with water. With size options between 10 and 18 feet, larger families will have plenty of room to practice handstands and play competitive games of Marco Polo.  

Prism Frame 

Don’t let the name fool you, the Prism Frame IntexPoolwon’t force you to swim circles inside a triangle. Available in round, oval, and square shapes, this pool is the perfect option for backyards of every length. The metal frame is finished with a powder-coated steel tubingthatwon’t wear out, even after long exposure to the sun. Thanks to generous water capacities between 1,100 and 4,800 gallons, this versatile pool is made for avid swimmers and relaxation experts.  

Ultra Frame 

Ultra is an understatement – the Intex Ultra Frame model ranges from 16-32 feet. It’s the largest line of Intex pools and some can hold upto 16 people at once. The rectangular model is ideal for narrow yards, while the round-frame option is great for wide, vast spaces. A strong band keeps the legs of the frame firmly in place, so even if pool isfilled to capacity, it won’t rock or sway. As a bonus, most models come equipped with a ladder, filter pump, and cover, saving you from purchasing lots of additional parts and tools. 

Bring your favorite warm-weather activity right into the comfort of your own backyard. No matter the model you choose, you’re sure to have a cooling, exciting summer with Intex.  

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