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Spreetail’s Design Studio

March 18, 2022

Striking imagery, compelling video, interactive, 360-degree photography, and more. Spreetail’s new Design Studio is positioned to build and deliver these powerful assets, in-house, for partnering brands.

The Design Studio, based in Dallas, Texas, is led by Winston Barber, Director of Creative Production, and John Rost, Director of Content Strategy. Winston and his production team work in-studio to capture best-in-class creative assets. Those assets are then handed off to John and his team of designers and copywriters who sit at Spreetail’s headquarters in Lincoln, Nebraska. John’s team creates the copy and final files that end up on product listings and across key marketplace placements for select partner brands.

“At the moment, we are focused on ramping up our capabilities and efficiencies to supply Spreetail vendors with best-in-class visual and enhanced content with great efficiency and develop something that absolutely no one else has,” said John Rost. “We’ll evolve in the way we coordinate with the business and use this powerful lever to get more results, more vendors, and achieve even greater success.”

A women putting tuberware into a bag.
Design Studio content produced for Bramli USA.

The Value of Creative Assets

Marketplaces and retail channels recognize the value of photography and video. The same product, if listed with the right images and video, will have a higher quality score, a better marketplace search rank, increased click-through, and improved conversion when compared to the same product with average supporting imagery.

Imagine that you’re shopping for a new lamp in a brick-and-mortar store. You see a lamp that you like. You turn the lamp on and off. You touch the lampshade. You size it up next to a couch. You can envision that product in your home. You like the vision. You buy the lamp.

As a brand, you need to inspire the same purchase confidence through your online product listings as you do through an in-store experience. How to do that? Simple – through well-developed photography and video.

Imagery and video tell the story of a brand or product in away that words alone cannot. They clarify a purpose and communicate detail. Customers can fully understand what they are buying online when the product listing features quality assets. A greater understanding results in happier customers and fewer returns.

Channel-level Optimization

Not every marketplace or retail channel operates the same way. You can’t slap the same five images that you’re featuring on Home Depot on your Target listing. Luckily, Spreetail’s brand partners benefit from the close relationship that Spreetail holds with the channels we list on.

Once the Design Studio produces your brand’s new assets, our Content team will expertly select and optimize each product listing in the way that best serves the platform we are selling on.

Certain marketplaces also feature areas to showcase Enhanced Brand Content, known as A+ content on Amazon. Amazon details A+ content as away to “describe your product features in a different way by including a unique brand story, enhanced images, and text placements. Adding A+ content to your product detail pages can help result in higher conversion rates, increased traffic, and increased sales when used effectively.”

Spreetail’s Design Studio is skilled in crafting A+ content that will help your brand win in crowded marketplaces.

Looking Forward

Spreetail’s Design Studio will be ramping up production through 2022. This year, brands are being selected for enhanced services based on their size, contract, relationship, and exclusivity. Content needs for eligible brands are determined through internal, cross-departmental collaboration. The immediate focus for the Design Studio is to make the most impact for our partners and customers, at the right time.

Design Studio services are a free enhancement offered to Spreetail’s partner brands. We’re aiming to win at ecommerce, together.

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