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Spreetail For Good & Our Vision for 2020

January 13, 2020
January 13, 2020

Spreetail For Good & Our Vision for 2020

Chad Kilpatrick

One word to describe 2019 at Spreetail would be change. We saw shifts in strategic direction and changes throughout the company. One aspect that didn’t change was the commitment to our communities.  The phrase, “Giving is in our DNA” is an intentional part of our culture. Since 2015, Spreetail has dedicated time and financial resources to making the cities we live in a better place. In 2018 and 2019, we expanded to new cities, building new programs and non-profit partnerships across the country.  Throughout 2019 we consulted and met with some of the most recognized social impact companies in the world, including peers at Salesforce, Nike, Warby Parker, Okta, Southwest Airlines, Bombas, and many more. We learned best practices but also were able to clearly define what is best for us moving forward in 2020 and beyond.

New Beginnings

This program built in 2016 is committed to providing over 500 mattresses this year for families transitioning from homelessness to stable living. We will do so in 4 communities: Lincoln and Omaha, Nebraska, Austin, Texas, and Indianapolis, Indiana. This program has been a staple for Spreetail and a prime example of the programming we hope to create to have an impact on others.  

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1% Percent Pledge & Community Time Off

In late 2019, we signed Pledge 1%, dedicating 1% of our time and profit. I am proud to say we are officially giving our employees three paid days per year to volunteer for causes they care about. We are so excited for this benefit as it allows every employee the opportunity to make an impact during their work week!

Volunteer Week

Our 2019 Volunteer Week had 207 employees volunteer 692 hours over 5 days in 5 different locations. This week is so important for us that we have decided to do it twice a year going forward. We also plan to incorporate opportunities throughout the year for our employees to volunteer and help connect them with causes they are passionate about to utilize their Community Time Off benefit.

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Spreetail For Good

Our employees are our most valuable resource; they are motivated to give their time and make a serious impact with their expertise. This year we hope to complete several Spreetail for Good projects. These projects will utilize the skills and expertise of our employees to directly impact nonprofits. Our very first project has just kicked off with the Center for People in Need (CPIN) in Lincoln, Nebraska. This project is led by Jake Heidelk, our Network Optimization Manager. Jake and his team will be creating and implementing analytic tools for CPIN that will save them a significant amount of time and improve the lives of 15,000+ Lincoln citizens utilizing their services.

Spreetail Community Leadership Council

My favorite idea we've implemented for 2020 is the opportunity to collaborate with all employees through the Spreetail Community Leadership Council. In December, we selected a group of 25 employees from across the country to advise our team on programming and help us become even more engrained in the community. In return, this group will receive professional development and learn more about nonprofits and how they operate.

While 2019 was a year of change, we are excited for 2020 as we deepen our relationships and build upon all of the great community work of the past several years.

Chad Kilpatrick

Head of Talent Community

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